Wholesale Customer Costs

Element Bars starts production trials at 1,000 bars at a fixed price of $5,000.
Our minimum production run is 25,000 bars with a price usually in the range $0.60 to $1.00 per bar for ingredients and labor.
Once you send us your recipe and processing steps, we will be able to confirm pricing.

The Four Step Process

Wrapper Options

Cobranded Film Wrapping Custom Digitally Printed Wrapping Custom Pre-Printed Film Wrapping
Order Minimums: No Minimum Minimum 1000 Minimum 50,000
Per Bar: No Additional Cost $0.50
$0.19(over 5,000)
Setup Costs: No Additional Cost No Additional Cost $300 per color/printing plate

Box Options

Point of Sale #1
Point of Sale #2
Order Minimums: Minimum 1,000 Minimum 1,000 Minimum 2,500 No Minimum No Minimum
Per Box: $0.50 $1.80 $0.50 $0.45 $0.60
Setup Costs: $650 per color
(2 color max)
free $1,800 free free
Total Per Bar*: (1 color) $0.09
(2 color) $0.14
$0.23 $0.10* $0.04 $0.05
Minimum Total Out of pocket: $900 $1,800 $3,050 $0 $0

Recipe Development Options

  • Production Ready Formula: Bring us a production ready formula and we'll produce it. You can develop it in your kitchen or work with an outside chef or food scientist. May be lower cost and you own the formula.
  • Consulting agreement: You engage with Element Bars in a 1-month consulting agreement to develop your custom formulation. You own the formula, but there is an up-front cost ($5k for a 1 month engagement on 1 flavor and 2 iterations of that flavor).
  • Create your bar on our build-a-bar interface: low cost, but you don't own the formula. You also may private label one of our popular bars.

Costs to Consider

  • UPC Codes ($100/code from Element Bars, need one code for individual bars as well as one for box)
  • Organic Certification: $1000/year
  • Gluten Free Certification: $1000/year
  • Non-GMO Certfification: $500 per product
  • Shipping Costs
  • Nutritional & Shelf Life Testing
  • Product Liability Insurance (If you say “baked by Element Bars” on the back label, you can fall under our product liability insurance)
  • Nitrogen flushing ($0.01/bar)

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